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Shakespeare Tour in England.

If you love Shakespeare and want to see some of the sights related to the Bard while traveling in England, I would highly recommend you take a visit to Stratford-upon-Avon. This town holds the distinction of being Shakespeare's birthplace.

The Shakespeare's Birthplace site is good for a tour. Immerse yourself in Shakespeare's world by taking a walk around town, and enjoy the unique architecture and, if the season is right, the lovely flowers.

If you have time, take in a performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Other neat places to visit include Hall's Croft, the home of Shakespeare's daughter; his bride Anne Hathaway's cottage; the childhood home of Shakespeare's mother, Mary Arden; and New Place, where Shakespeare died in 1616.

Shakespeare's Birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, England

If you're also going to London, you can't miss a trip to the Globe Theatre, a replica of the Elizabethan one. The Globe has been refurbished within recent years, and it has some great exhibits related to its history and that of Shakespeare himself. Guided tours are available, and, if you have the opportunity, definitely take in a show.

With Shakespeare's birthday exactly one month away, you have plenty of time to plan your fan trek through his world.

I've always been more a fan of Shakespeare's sonnets than his plays. What's your favorite of his works?


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