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Cinco de Mayo Party Tips.

May 3, 2017

Planning a party for Cinco de Mayo this year? You'll need these tips.



There are just two days to go until the greatest minor food holiday of the year, Cinco de Mayo. I call it a "minor" food holiday because certainly celebrations surrounding Christmas, Hanukkah, or other mainstream holidays have more emphasis placed on food. But Cinco de Mayo has arguably the greatest food tradition, in that excessive consumption of Tex-Mex food and margaritas is required.



Here are some neat ideas to keep your Cinco de Mayo party delicious and on-theme.


1) Decorate with party-store staples.

Hit up any party store and you'll likely find inexpensive pinatas, sombreros, and tablecloths in all colors. Use these to brighten up your party space. If you can find maracas, they make both great decorations and excellent entertainment. Here are instructions for DIY tissue paper flowers, a great look for a Cinco de Mayo party. Bonus points if you fill the pinatas with tamarind-flavored candies, common in Mexico. The below link from Amazon will take you to candies like these.



2) Set the mood.

Play mariachi music or anything by great horn instrumentalists like Chuck Mangione to give your party a wonderful Cinco de Mayo ambience.



3) Keep food buffet-style. 

The beauty of most Tex-Mex cuisine is how easy it is to set out ingredients and let guests build a fantastic meal. Here's a sample menu; if you like it, download it for free here. Want to go above and beyond? Give this taco dip recipe a try. 



4) Play some games.

If you're looking to move beyond just the pinata, why not strike up some friendly competition with your guests? Who can build the biggest fajita? Who can eat the most jalapenos (be careful with that one)? How about pin the tail on the burro?



5) Have a chips and salsa contest.

I once went to a party where every guest was asked to bring homemade salsa. People got VERY creative, making traditional salsas, fruit salsas, chocolate salsa, and even homemade cinnamon chips. This is a great activity if you've invited a large group. Be sure to inform guests of the contest on your invitation. Winner gets to keep a sombrero! 




What are your favorite Cinco de Mayo traditions? It's a great holiday for chowing down and spending time with friends. I hope you have a great one!











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