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Workout Playlist for a Sunny Day.

Free weights, sneakers,and yoga mat and strap.

For me, a good exercise playlist can make or break my entire workout. If the music isn’t right, it’s hard to get motivated. I find that running or working out on the elliptical is actually very enjoyable when I let myself get wrapped up in a good soundtrack.

Below is a suggested playlist for a half-hour workout plus warm-up and cool down. I usually run at about 6 miles per hour, which definitely impacts the music that works for me. If you run faster or slower you might need to modify the playlist.


“Never Let You Go” by Third Eye Blind (3:57)

“Get Off of My Cloud” by the Rolling Stones (2:59)

Main Workout

“Baba O’Riley” by the Who (5:23)

“Wolf Like Me” by TV on the Radio (4:39)

“I Want You Bad” by the Offspring (3:25)

“Fat Lip” by Sum 41 (2:59)

“Circle of Fifths” by Milkman (3:43)

“The Love You Save” by the Jackson 5 (3:04)

Cool Down

“Internet Killed the Video Star” by the Limousines (3:53)

“Simple Song” by the Shins (4:15)

This playlist is varied in genre and keeps me interested long enough to get me through the workout. I hope it works for you, too!

Happy President’s Day, and enjoy your workout!


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