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Irish Coffee Recipe.

Irish coffee

​Happy Saint Patrick's Day Eve! You know how they say everyone is a little Irish on Saint Patrick's Day? Well, thank God that's true, because I'm not even a little bit Irish. But I sure do love some great Irish traditions.

Tonight, I made a very tasty Irish coffee to celebrate the holiday and the end of my work week. I thought I'd share the recipe here. It combines two of my favorite things: coffee and Jameson. It's amazing, and I hope you think so, too!

Irish coffee ingredients

Irish coffee is fairly simple. Brew yourself a cup of coffee.

Add one teaspoon of sugar. (Feel free to add more if you habitually add sugar to your coffee. I don't; in fact, I don't like the taste of sugar in coffee at all. But for the sake of this recipe, I went for it.)

Add one tablespoon of cream to your coffee. Milk will also work just fine. I added a bit of milk on top of my cream.

Add your whiskey! I chose Jameson because, in my opinion, it's the best there is. For this recipe, just make sure it's Irish. Scotch would be a bit too smoky for this, I think. I didn't add too much, because I didn't think a drunken recipe post would be for the best. You can add as much as you want. Jameson is so smooth; it'll go down real easy.

Next, top off your delectable treat with plenty of whipped cream. In the spirit of the holiday, I also added some green sprinkles to the top of my Irish coffee.

Irish coffee and books

I'll be back tomorrow with more Saint Patrick's Day recipes. Until then, I hope you (and the Villanova basketball team) have a very lucky night!


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