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Gardening: The Sweetest Thing.


Do you garden? Gardening wasn't something I ever expected I'd be interested in, because I don't like dirt or bugs or worms. I started slow, with seed pods in cute pots from Target on the balcony of my first apartment. And now I have seedlings, house plants, herbs, vegetables, and flowers all growing in various parts of my house and yard. Who would have thought?

I just had to post here in my "The Sweetest Thing" series about gardening, because it's such a simple pleasure that brings such joy. There's something really great about putting in a bit of effort to plant something and reaping the rewards tenfold down the line when a hyacinth blossoms or tomato seedlings emerge from the dirt.


I get very excited about the first few sprouts of spring. Really, if I'm being honest, I get excited about every sprout (my husband can attest to this). It's just so awesome to think that something is ALIVE because of YOU. You care for plants like you care for children, and in a way, plants start to feel a bit like your family after awhile. I have a houseplant that I received for my birthday in 2012. I have faithfully watered it, fertilized it, moved it from window to window, and even moved it outside every day and inside every night. It used to winter at my parents' house, because my apartment didn't get adequate light. And the plant has rewarded me by surviving despite my occasional missteps in care. And that's a pretty cool thing.

This year, I have a few bulbs that I'll be planting, as well as numerous herbs and vegetables. I'm scaling back my edible gardens this year in an effort to spend more time on my flower garden. When we moved into our house nearly two years ago, the expansive gardens needed quite a lot of work. I've not been able to get them under control just yet, but that's a project for this year! I am slowly but surely clearing overrun beds and planting hardy perennials that will make future gardening a bit easier.


As spring has sprung, I've started to see the fruits of my labor begin to take shape. Most of the seeds I planted indoors have sprouted, and my hyacinths, irises, and tulips have started to grow outside. This is what I love about spring--everything is fresh, new, and colorful. It makes me happy to be alive.

Will you be working on a garden in 2017?


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