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7 Best Ways to Relax Tonight.

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

7 Best Ways to Relax Tonight

Happy National Relaxation Day! Like me, you probably didn't know about this "holiday" until hearing a peppy morning drive DJ mention it. It's a Tuesday, however, and I'm sure you could use a bit of R & R tonight to prepare you for a long week of work, family, side-hustling, and chores. Most likely, again because this is a fake holiday, you hadn't made any specific plans for a relaxing night. Worry not, fair reader! Here are the 7 best ways to relax tonight, even if you have nothing lined up yet.

1) Go for a walk.

Don't get me wrong, walking sometimes feels like work. But nothing beats a leisurely stroll around town with your spouse, best friend, mom, or even your kids. It's a great time to decompress from the day and get the blood flowing.

2) Pop some popcorn and catch an old favorite.


There are few things so enjoyable as pushing aside all responsibilities to curl up on the couch and watch a favorite film with a bowl of popcorn. This is even better if you also have ice cream.

3) Take a long, hot shower.

Soak away the day's stress with a steamy shower. Bonus points if you lock the door so your toddler and cat can't join you. Even better? Break out an old radio and tune in to your favorite station, like you did in high school. Who doesn't love being a shower diva?

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4) Paint your nails.

This is for all of the ladies out there (and gentlemen who are so inclined). Taking the time to give yourself a mani-pedi is a small luxury that is so often overlooked. Break out a deep cleansing face mask for an extra-relaxing twist.

5) Get takeout.

Takeout pizza

Is takeout healthy or budget-friendly? Not always. But is not having to cook and clean relaxing? You bet. Grab your favorite takeout menu and get ordering! Even better if they deliver!

6) Unwind with wine.

Wine glass

There's something about sipping wine out of an elegant glass that just makes your soul say "ahhh." Not a big drinker? Have a cup of tea or cocoa instead.

7) Journal.

Writing in a journal is known to be a huge boon to your mental health and well-being. Take a few minutes today to write about anything you choose--your day, your dreams, the wine you're drinking thanks to item 6 above--and you'll feel more satisfied when you go to sleep.

Oh, and make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. There's nothing more relaxing than a good night's sleep!

How will you be relaxing tonight? I personally plan to go for a combination of a hot shower, tasty food, and couch sitting (my personal trifecta). I hope you enjoy your R & R!


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