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Book Review: Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide

Cover of Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide

Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide by E. Rachael Hardcastle is at once uplifting and heartbreaking; joyful yet macabre. It fills the reader with hope even as it brings our deepest sorrows and fears to the fore.

This novella, the latest publication from an impressively prolific young author, tells the story of Noah Finn, a character who has lost his way as life’s tragedies have gradually befallen him. Poised to commit suicide on September 11, 2001, Noah soon learns that his fate is even less within his own control than he had previously thought. Pulled into something of an alternate universe by a mysterious stranger named Christopher Saint, Noah undergoes a transformation of spirit as he learns the intricacies of fate, faith, and the complex web of mankind’s interconnections.

Noah’s journey with Christopher Saint is filled with emotions and transformative experiences. Forced to endure the morals of seven lessons, Noah is ultimately given the rare opportunity to make a choice that will determine his future, and, in fact, the futures of strangers he has never met.

The novella is part Tuesday’s with Morrie, part It’s a Wonderful Life; it brings to mind the parts of life that really count and reminds us of our better selves. The notions of religion and salvation are explored in a fascinating way, and readers will find themselves reconsidering their beliefs.

Noah Finn encounters some dark moments throughout his journey, but the story is ultimately uplifting and positive. This is a worthwhile contribution to the growing field of literature surrounding issues of suicide, religion, and salvation. It should be read in one sitting when the reader is feeling open-minded and ready to challenge their beliefs on life, death, and the complexities of fate.

Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide will be released on on December 2, 2017. For more information, visit

E. Rachael Hardcastle, the author

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