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Valentine's Day Cupcake Decorations.

It's that time of year again. For those of us who love love, Valentine's Day is a wonderful excuse to celebrate the special people in our lives. We all have someone to care about, even if in a non-romantic way. I think it's important to a) take every possible opportunity to celebrate life and b) make other people feel special whenever feasible. And, perhaps most importantly of all, it is critical to eat dessert whenever you can.

With all of that in mind, today I bring you some delicious Valentine's Day cupcake photos and a fun craft project. I hope to surprise my husband with an early Valentine’s gift when he gets home from work tonight, and then I can give it another try next week for the big day. This would be a great craft for kids, by the way! What better way for a child to surprise someone special in their lives than with a homemade cupcake with a fun topper? (Hint: share this page with someone who might help your kids make adorable cupcakes for you.)

To start, bake cupcakes! This time, I made some chocolate cupcakes with a strawberry puree. I threw in a bit of peanut butter for extra deliciousness. Maybe I will share my secret recipe sometime!

I recently found some adorable silicone cupcake holders, which are completely oven- and dishwasher-safe. Mine are pink and shaped like flowers. I love them. Nothing is worse than getting those annoying paper cupcake liners stuck to your dessert. With these, you never have that problem.

Next, choose the shape you’d like to have on your cupcake topper. I went traditional with hearts, but flowers might also be nice. Next time I also might try some toppers with words. “Love is sweet” would be cute, maybe written in gold script on a pink circle. I would suggest using cardstock; regular printer paper will be too thin to stand upright effectively.

If you want your cupcake toppers to look good from all sides, cut out two of each shape for each topper. Then, use an adhesive to stick the two shapes together so that the fronts face out (tape works just fine, although if you want something more permanent, I’d suggest Mod Podge. Just keep the Mod Podge away from your cupcakes until it has dried.) Push a lollipop stick or toothpick (I used the former) into the bottom of the joined shapes, and voila! An adorable cupcake topper worthy of your Valentine, whoever they may be. It’s allowed, by the way, to make these for yourself. Nobody ever said we can’t love ourselves.

I hope you have a wonderful time baking and crafting tonight! Feel free to share feedback or photos of your creations in the comments. Thanks!


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