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Ramen Soup Bar.

Ramen noodle soup for easy weeknight dinner or dinner party.

I promise I'll stop writing so many posts about food soon. It's just such a delicious time of year. January, February, and March don't have a whole lot going for them aside from obscure little holidays and the occasional birthday. It's cold, and while the days are getting longer, I think we all know this is the time of year to enjoy nights in with warm dinners.

Last night, with our beer bread, we enjoyed one of our winter favorites: soup. Not just any soup, though. Ramen. That good old college staple. If you dine out with any regularity, though, you've probably noticed variations on ramen popping up in edgy restaurants all over. Some eateries are specializing just in ramen dishes. In other words...ramen is in.

Ramen noodle soup

If you know me, you know I'm not really one to jump on board with trends. The fancy ramen thing, though, I can get behind. Here's what we like to do for a tasty, easy dinner.

Bake a chicken breast with teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, and a bit of ground ginger. Cut it into pieces. (This time, we actually skipped the chicken and used Al Fresco Teriyaki Ginger meatballs. Those were also very tasty.)

Al Fresco chicken meatballs

Hard-boil a few eggs, and dice them into chunks.

Cook a bag of stir-fry vegetables.

Chop some green onions for garnish.

Cook your ramen. We used the chicken-flavored kind, but certainly other varieties would be just as tasty. You'll also want to add some extra chicken broth.

Because we add so many things to our soup, one bag of ramen is good for two of us, but you might want to make more depending on how large your family.

As soon as the ramen is done, add your extras. If everyone in your family likes everything, mix it right into the soup. If you'd prefer to top your soup individually, that works, too. This meal is a nice option for a dinner party if you set it up like a soup bar, with many small bowls of your toppings.

Fancy ramen noodle soup ready to eat

If you're having a dinner party, don't forget the decorations. Check out the Sweet Frivolity shop for our paper fortune cookie kit. Easy to make, the fortune cookies are totally customizable and make great party favors or table decorations.

Enjoy your soup! Have a great night!


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