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Lemon Martini Recipe.

Lemon martini recipe

Looking for something different to drink tonight? If you want a sweet cocktail that feels classic and is simple to make, you've come to the right place.

A classic martini is made with gin and vermouth (usually dry, or white, vermouth). Suggested ratios of these liquors vary depending on who you ask. According to the International Bartender's Association, a dry martini should contain six parts gin to one part dry vermouth. I've also seen suggestions more along the lines of two-and-a-half parts gin to one-half part vermouth.

Last night when I was attempting this new lemon martini recipe, I didn't have dry vermouth. Never one to be put off by amending a recipe, I decided to give it a shot anyway (pun intended) with the sweet vermouth that I did have.

Vermouth, in case you haven't encountered it before, is a fortified wine flavored with botanicals. It can be consumed as an apertif, but I'd be willing to bet its most common use is in martinis. Like wine, it can be dry or sweet, red or white.

I decided to go with a different amount of each liquor than certain recipes suggest. My cocktail shaker has a handy measuring tool in its lid, so I was able to be sure of my ratios.

Lemon martini recipe and cocktail shaker

Danielle's Sweet Lemon Martini Recipe

3 oz. gin

1.5 oz. sweet vermouth

3 oz. lemon juice (you might wish to adjust this according to your preference)


Combine the gin and sweet vermouth. Add 3 ounces of lemon juice, or add gradually and to taste. Shake in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

I suppose the only thing that might have made the night better was if James Bond had joined us to enjoy our shaken (not stirred) martinis. But only if it was Pierce Brosnan.

Also, if you liked the coasters in the martini photo, they were made according to the instructions I gave in my "Valentine's Day Coaster Gift" post. I used scrapbook paper rather than printed images. Go back to the blog home page for coaster instructions by clicking on the photo below this paragraph. And enjoy your martinis!

Lemon martini recipe

Happy Saturday!


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