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Rustic Wooden Sign Craft and Kits.

Gifts and gift-giving etiquette.

Gift-giving in all forms is among the trickier of the social conventions. Determining how much to spend is just the beginning. Take wedding gifts, for instance. A quick Google search of "how much to spend on a wedding gift" turns up 4.65 million results, and answers vary from "whatever you can afford" to "the cost of your meal" to "$150." Did the couple register? Should you buy from the registry, or is that unimaginative? Should couples register, or is that tacky?

Gift-giving isn't any simpler when it comes to other occasions. Invited to a party for a child? What's an appropriate amount to spend? Is it okay to give money? How about gift cards? Is it a good idea to give a book rather than a toy? Which toys are too violent? If the birthday boy or girl is not a child but rather an adult, what then? Are gifts still required? What if you don't really know them? Can you just buy them a candle and call it a day?

Rustic handmade DIY wedding gift

Due in part to all of these conundrums, I find it's often better to go handmade when gifting. You're not necessarily making the right choice for any of the above issues, but at least if you make the wrong one, the recipient knows you put a lot of thought into your gift. I feel like that has to count for something.

As a young newlywed myself (how long must you be married before it is no longer appropriate to call oneself a newlywed? I'm sure I could Google that for more varied and unsatisfying results, but I won't), I am often thinking of gift ideas for celebrating weddings and anniversaries. This handmade rustic wooden sign is one of my favorites. It's simple yet elegant, fairly quick to make, and has a real purpose. I've made quite a few for friends and family members in celebration of weddings or anniversaries.

Rustic wooden anniversary date sign. Sweet Frivolity.

If you like the look of this sign and would like one for yourself, I've listed two varieties for purchase in the Sweet Frivolity shop. If you would like to make the sign by hand, I offer the materials and instructions for sale as a kit. If you want a sign for yourself or a loved one but aren't feeling crafty, you may also specify the details and order a custom sign made just for you.

The great thing about these signs is that they are lightweight, while also being made sturdily so that they will last a lifetime. They match many decor styles, and are totally customizable. I've been experimenting with signs of other shapes, sizes, and colors, and the sky is truly the limit for the direction a gift like this can take. What similar projects have you worked on? I'll be heading to a few weddings this summer, and I'd love to hear your ideas!

Happy crafting!


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