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DIY Tissue Paper Flowers.

Just over two years ago, I had one of the most special days of my life so far--my bridal shower. So many people came together to be sure that my celebration was wonderful, and it really was!

As a little background, I LOVE Mexican food. In fact, even though it's 10:30 am on a Sunday, I have already eaten some Tex-Mex leftovers today. My bridesmaids, parents, brother, and mother-in-law threw me a beautiful fiesta-themed bridal shower. It was amazing.

Mexican fiesta banner

The decor for the party was on point. My bridesmaids used light and dark purple tablecloths to match my wedding colors (and my dress that day). We had fiesta banners in red, blue, yellow, and green. And my maid of honor made beautiful tissue paper flowers that combined the colors of the banners with the purples from the tablecloths. The flowers really were impressive. In have fact, I liked them so much I actually have four of them on display on the shelves around my fireplace. Didn't she do a great job?

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

I think these flowers would make a great addition to any party, shower, or wedding, or even to spruce up a craft room! I decided to make a few for myself. Here are some instructions if you're interested in making your own.

You'll need:

Tissue paper



Supplies for DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

1) Layer at least ten (or more if you'd like your flowers to be fuller) sheets of tissue paper. You can use any color combination you'd like. Your flower will appear to have petals in rings of each color you use.

2) Fold your pile of tissue paper accordion-style. Use the edge of a pair of scissors to crease the folds.

3) Tie string around the center of the folded tissue paper stack and fan out the ends. You should have something that looks like a bow tie.

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

4) Cut each end of the tissue paper stack so that is curved. This will form the ruffled edges of your flower petals.

5) Starting with the top sheet of tissue paper, pull up and crinkle the paper. Do not crumple the paper into a wad, just lift it towards the center. Continue with each subsequent piece of tissue paper until you have a flower shape.

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

6) Adjust the flower's shape as desired.

And there you have it! An easy, inexpensive way to create beautiful and versatile party decorations. This also makes a great craft for younger children. Let me know what you think, and what colors you used for your flowers!

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Have a relaxing Sunday, everyone!


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