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Blogging Success.

Breakfast and laptop

Today's a big day here at Sweet Frivolity. After a lot of planning and effort, I have finally launched my VERY OWN Facebook group called Blogging Success. I'm hoping to bring together other bloggers and entrepreneurs I've met in various places at various times to build a positive, supportive community.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. We all know what it's like when someone asks you about your career or side-hustle, and you explain that you run a blog. They look confused, then quickly smile half-heartedly. People don't understand how profitable or fulfilling blogging can be. But I'm here to tell you that it can.

I started this journey selling homemade items on Etsy and at craft fairs. I still love to craft, but I realized quickly how difficult a market homemade goods can be. The effort required to make a full-time living from crafting is more than I can commit to while also working full-time.

I started the Sweet Frivolity website to give myself a platform from which to blog about life--crafts, recipes, travel, wellness, relationships--all the things that matter to me, and that I think matter to most of my readers, too.

As I've traveled further down this path, I'm slowly learning that writing is the thing I can commit to after my 9-5 is done. My passion for the written word is greater than my passion for my hot glue gun, which is why I was never able to make crafting work for me in a bigger way. I'm not being interviewed by Oprah (yet), but my blog's audience is growing and I'm learning every step of the way. And I love it. To me, it's worth fighting for.

Part of what has made this journey so lovely is the wonderful community of writers, photographers, creatives, and entrepreneurs I've encountered in support groups, on Instagram, and in person. I wouldn't be writing this if I hadn't been encouraged by so many other wonderful dreamers.

Blogging Success Logo

That's why I've started Blogging Success. My goal is to bring together the wonderful people I've met, and many that I've yet to encounter, so that we can all learn, grow, and succeed together. Blogging Success will be a community of positivity and support, and I hope that you will join us. We're small but growing quickly. Find us here.

I can't wait to meet you!


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