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4 Tips to Planning the Perfect Honeymoon.

Sunset in Aruba

Planning your honeymoon? Make sure to familiarize yourself with these tips before you book.

A honeymoon should be the culmination of one of the most exciting times in your life. Getting engaged and planning a wedding are thrilling, but they can be extremely stressful and tiring. Your honeymoon should be a light at the end of the wedding tunnel, so to speak. Once your wedding day, hopefully one of the best days of you life, has come and gone, you deserve an extra dose of celebration and, especially, relaxation. A well-planned honeymoon is just what the doctor ordered to recover from a well-executed wedding.

Here are the four key things to consider before you plan your first vacation as a married couple.

1) Know your budget.

I've said it in my vacation planning posts, and I'll say it again here. Know your budget before you decide on ANYTHING else. There is nothing worse than getting your heart set on a trip to St. Lucia that you later realize you just can't swing.

Be realistic, even overly conservative, about your budget. You're probably spending quite a bit of money on your wedding, so don't overestimate what you'll have left by the time all is said and done. That being said, you may have a bit of spending money once you open your wedding gifts--don't save those cards for later! Head to the bank before you leave for your romantic getaway, and enjoy an extra massage or night out on Aunt Tillie.

Wilton House, England

2) Ask your intended's opinion.

You're not married yet, so you are forgiven for not quite having the rules down. I'm here to remind you that your soon-to-be-spouse's opinion matters just as much as your own when it comes to honeymoon stuff (or anything at all, really). Be sure to sit down and have an open discussion about the type of honeymoon they'd like to have. How much are they willing to spend? (Figuring out your budget together and checking off step one works well during this conversation, too.) Do they want an adventurous vacation? A relaxing beach getaway? An excursion through Europe's cultural hubs? You need to be on the same page before any planning gets done.

Boston, Massachusetts

3) Ask for other opinions.

I'm guessing you know a lot of people who are married. Ask them where they went on their honeymoon and what they thought. No one knows you better than your family and your friends, so hearing from them what they liked and what they think might be great for you is an easy way to guarantee a great trip. The internet is also a wonderful source of information. Bloggers, in particular, provide wonderful firsthand accounts of their travels. I also love the one and two-week guides Frommer's writes for various popular destinations. Want to read about what I liked best from my honeymoon? Check out my travel tips here:

Medieval Street in Switzerland

4) Remember the purpose.

Whatever you do, don't forget the point of your honeymoon--to relax and enjoy a romantic vacation with someone you just committed to for the rest of your life. There will be plenty of time to see the world together, so don't feel the need to pack it all in now. Take a breath and unwind. Don't rush to see every monument or try every margarita. Just be, together.

Where are you planning to visit on your honeymoon? Already been on yours? Leave some advice for other readers planning their trip in the comments.


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