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Join us for the Blogust Challenge!

Blogust Challenge

It's July 18, and that means it's almost time for the Blogust Challenge!

What is Blogust, you might ask?

Blogust is a celebration of blogging, meant to help us build our skills and our following. I was trying to come up with a clever nickname for this challenge, and "Blog" + "August" naturally become "Blogust." So there you have it. :-)

Are you a blogger? If so, you are more than welcome to join us for the Blogust Challenge! Here's what we will be working on.

Blogust Challenge

In addition to the awesome content generation you'll be working on, the Blogust Challenge will also help build your following. Each day, you will be challenged to interact with the content of three other participants. You'll know who is participating through their use of the hashtag #blogustchallenge.

Want to sign up for this awesome community-based challenge? Enroll by entering your email address here. You'll receive daily emails telling you of that day's prompt (ie, blog post, a pin, and a tweet). We'll include helpful articles, too! Best of all, you'll have a chance for your content to be featured in the daily email blasts for other challenge members to see (if you want to be featured, be sure to use #blogustchallenge with all your social posts).

Can't wait to conquer the #blogustchallenge with you all! Happy blogging!


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