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Oscar Night Party Ideas.

Throwing a watch party tonight for the Oscars? Even if you're just watching in your most glamorous pajamas with your s.o., you should celebrate the Academy Awards in style. Here are our winning ideas to make your Oscars party, no matter how small, a great one.

Champagne with fresh raspberries

Best Drink: Raspberry Champagne

For a classy, delicious drink that will make you feel like you're an A-lister, mix your favorite champagne with fresh (washed) raspberries. Let the fruit soak in the chilled champagne for awhile before serving. Delicious!

Best Snack: Cheese Board

Nothing says glamour like a cheese board. Mix soft cheeses, like mozzarella, muenster, or brie, with hard cheeses, like asiago, sharp cheddars, or fontina. Don't forget to include smoky cheeses, like gouda and gruyere (my favorite kinds!). Other great additions to you cheese spread are salami, pepperoni, and fresh basil and tomato.

Cheese board with salami

Be sure to have a wide variety of fresh breads, pita, and crackers on hand. Depending on how seriously you take your cheese spread, you might not need a main dish. I've found that a serious variety of charcuterie and cheeses can be very filling. Try pairing with a tray of fresh veggies and dip, also. Yum!

Fresh vegetable platter
Chocolate mousse

Best Dessert: Chocolate Mousse

The ultimate in rich and decadent desserts, serve your chocolate mousse with a Pirouline wafer and some whipped cream in a parfait or stemless martini glass. You'll feel like a star when you sit and savor this luscious dessert. Here's a great mousse recipe to try. ​

Best Game: Academy Awards Trivia

Which actor has won the most Oscars? Who has hosted the Academy Awards the most times? Hand your guests this trivia quiz when they arrive and let them complete it throughout the night. Have a special prize on hand for whoever can correctly answer the most questions. Another great game idea? Have guests fill out their Oscar picks when they get to the party, and see who is closest to the real winners as the night goes on.

I hope you enjoy your Oscars party. Be sure you know the brand of whatever you're wearing, as a reporter may ask.

Have fun!


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