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Holiday Shopping Guide for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.

Holiday shopping guide

It's that time of year again! Time for checking the perfect gifts off your list and spreading cheer to friends and family.

When it comes to the bloggers and entrepreneurs in your life, you may have a hard time finding the right present, however. Want to get them something they'll love that will add value, efficiency, and fun to what they do every day? Here are some ideas that your favorite writer or girl boss is sure to love.

Girl boss blog life coasters

Shameless plug here for my new girl boss/blog life coasters. I'm in love with Scrabble tiles for coasters because they're so versatile. Having these in my workspace has made the early morning grind so much more fun! Chances are these coasters will help remind your favorite bloggers and bosses why they love what they do.

$10.99, Sweet Frivolity. Also available on Etsy.

The Buzz

This e-book is a great tool for anyone with a burgeoning blog or business. The Buzz features 10 easy-to-follow, yet effective steps to bring media attention to your business or brand. No matter your grasp of the concept of PR—new or seasoned—this guide will help you implement the best practices recommend to capture the interest of any media outlet.

$19.99, Hearsay PR.

It Girl PR Package

This is a do-it-yourself, comprehensive guide to establishing a PR plan, knowing your key messages, and laying out 365+ days of promos and social media posts. The IT Girl is perfect for the entrepreneur, influencer, or small business looking to build buzz and increase media attention without full-time professional assistance. The package includes: public relations plan workbook, promotions plan workbook, press release workbook, and fill-in-the-blank template.

$399, Hearsay PR.

Office with computer

You might know Elna Cain from her TwinsMommy blog or her popular Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group. She has just released a course on MailChimp that's a great tool for any blogger or business trying to grow their email list. And it's a steal at only $35. Snap this up for your favorite girl boss!

$35, Elna Cain.

Styled stock photo

Pixistock is a wonderful website for styled stock photography. If you're a blogger or entrepreneur, it can be hard to spice up your content or advertising without great images. Pixistock solves that problem! They offer monthly, quarterly, and annual plans to keep your girl boss looking sharp at all times. Bonus--if you sign up for the mailing list, you get access to free images!

$225, annual plan, Pixistock.

Girl boss mug

What better to go with your girl boss coasters than a cute mug? This one, on Etsy from Peach & Paper, will motivate your favorite entrepreneur to tackle her to-do list in style.

$13.95, Peach & Paper.

Wordsmyth Creative Content Marketing

If you know a small-business owner, chances are she doesn't have the time to spend writing SEO-rich blog posts or managing her social channels. Selling and actually doing work tends to take up the bulk of an entrepreneur's time. Give your solopreneur friend the gift of content management this holiday season! Wordsmyth Creative Content Marketing writes blog posts, ad copy, and text for social media accounts so that business owners can focus on growing their company and providing excellent service. Taking some work off your girl boss friend's plate is a great gift!

Holiday decor

And there you have it! Some great gift ideas for the entrepreneurs or bloggers in you life. We hope that you and they have a wonderful time shopping, and don't forget to focus on the true meaning of the season--togetherness.


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