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Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Recipe.

When I'm trying to eat healthfully, one of my go-to breakfasts is a green smoothie. I really like them because they pack a huge number of nutrients and are easy to make. They also look pretty nice!

This particular green smoothie uses strawberries, nonfat Greek yogurt, spinach, and milk. That's it!

I used one cup of nonfat plain Greek yogurt (130 calories), 1 cup of washed, sliced strawberries (50 calories), 1 cup washed, uncooked spinach leaves (10 calories) and 1 cup of skim milk (90 calories). Put everything in a blender, and there you have it! A delicious, filling breakfast high in protein and fiber.

Normally, I wouldn't put my beverages in a mason jar. Those who know me are aware I'm not really a fan of the mason jar trend. However, my usual smoothie bottle wasn't clean and I was running out the door on my way to work, so I grabbed the first thing I could find. The mason jar actually sealed pretty well. Maybe I'll give it another chance.

Want a dairy-free version of this beverage? I also really love green juice. I've often made a similar recipe, omitting the yogurt and milk, and using just spinach, strawberries (or other berries), a frozen banana, and water. If the berries are frozen, too, it makes a really nice treat for a hot day.

What are your favorite smoothies? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Stay warm out there today!


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