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3 Unique Ways to Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary.

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Marriage is a beautiful thing, and celebrating a wedding anniversary can be an amazing opportunity to reminisce, connect, and realize how lucky you are. If you are looking for unique ways to celebrate your anniversary, or the anniversary of someone you love, look no further. Here are some tips to keep the day classy, respectful, and full of love.

1) Stick to the storyline.

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Was the wedding held at an aquarium? Did you dance the night away at a golf course? Did you have a special meal? Whatever it was that made your wedding day great was important enough to you to incorporate. When planning an anniversary celebration, try to work as many elements of your wedding day in as possible.

We recently celebrated a big anniversary for my parents (thirty years!) and celebrated with a day devoted to recreating as much of their big day as possible. We picnicked on the grounds of their photo session site and then took some family shots. Then, we went to church where they had their ceremony, ate the type of food they enjoyed at the reception, and watched their wedding video while eating cake and toasting to their marriage. It was low-key but enjoyable. Bring back the memories of your special day by recreating it to as great an extent as possible.

2) Keep it simple.

Oftentimes, anniversaries get celebrated as grand affairs, with many people and lots of fuss. This is great, in certain situations. But try a relaxed celebration, surrounded just by your spouse or perhaps your immediate family or members of your wedding party. For something as intimate as a wedding, it helps with the nostalgic trip down memory lane if you're in just the right company. Besides, you probably spent most of your wedding day chatting up third cousins and your parents' co-workers. You don't want to spend your anniversary celebration making small talk.

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3) Get out of town.

Sometimes, recreating your wedding or celebrating with your loved ones doesn't fit the bill for one reason or another. If life has you feeling stressed, return to your honeymoon, instead. Get out of town for a night, a weekend, or longer, if you can. Head back to your honeymoon spot, a cute B&B, or enjoy nature and pitch a tent. Wherever you go, focus only on your significant other. Just be, together. Remember what your marriage is founded on. Sometimes your soul needs this sort of refresh. If you're planning an anniversary celebration for a loved one, sending them on a weekend excursion to enjoy each other's company can be a wonderful idea, too.

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Happy anniversary to all the happy couples out there! What were your favorite wedding memories? How have you translated them into an anniversary celebration? I hope you have a wonderful time!


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